Once your dentist has finished straightening your teeth, the retention phase of your treatment will begin. During this phase, you will be required to wear some type of dental retainers. This is true no matter what kind of braces or orthodontic system was used.

Types Of Orthodontic Retainers:

There are generally two kinds of dental retainers, Removable and Fixed. And as their names imply, they differ by way of the fact that they are either permanently attached (bonded) to your teeth, or else just worn according to your dentist's instructions.

1. Permanent (Fixed,Bonded) Retainers

2. Removable Retainers-Invisible Retainers,Hawley Retainers: You should thoroughly quiz your dentist about the different kinds of retainers that they offer because each one has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. There is no single best type of retainer.